Pelican Valley Senior Living
211 E. Mill Ave.
Pelican Rapids, MN 56572
(218) 863-2991

Board Members

As part of the Hospital District, our facility is governed by a board of directors. This board is made up of representatives who are elected by their townships. The following townships are part of the Pelican Valley Hospital District:

  • City of Pelican Rapids
  • Pelican Township
  • Norwegian Grove Township
  • Maplewood Township
  • Erhards Grove Township
  • Scambler Township
  • Dunn Township
  • Lida Township
  • City of Erhard
  • Member at large position

Board meetings are held on the fourth Monday of the month at 6:15 pm in the upstairs conference room of Pelican Valley Care Center. Each elected member serves a four-year term. Our board of directors consists of the following members:

Richard Bratlien, Chairperson
City of Erhard
Term began: 2/23/1998
Term expires: 12/31/2024

Mark Sjostrom, Vice Chairman
Erhards Grove Township
Term began: 1/01/2018
Term Expires: 12/31/2024

David Slotten, Treasurer
Dunn Township
Term began: 4/25/2011
Term Expires: 12/31/2024

Brian Evenson, Secretary
Maplewood Township
Term began: 3/23/2015
Term Expires: 12/31/2026

Sue Bruggeman
Lida Township
Term began: 4/22/2002
Term Expires: 12/31/2026

Shannon Erickson
Member at Large
Term began: 1/1/2007
Term expires: 12/31/2026

Les Rotz
Scambler Township
Term began: 2/25/2013
Term Expires: 12/31/2026

Bradley Knorr
Norwegian Grove Township
Term began: 1/28/2013
Term Expires:12/31/2024

Trevor Steeves
Pelican Township
Term began: 12/31/2020
Term Expires:12/31/2024

Patrick Patterson
City of Pelican Rapids
Term began: 12/31/2022
Term Expires:12/31/2026

Chad Miller, Legal Counsel